Vietnam Consulting Limited Company was founded in the new millennium, dated 24/10/2000 in HCM City, Vietnam; licensed number 0302130735; trademarked “The Vietnam Consulting Group” (VCG), registered as the first private owned Vietnamese professional management consulting and outsourcing firm to service both public and private sectors of Vietnam in nearly two decades, conducting:

Local Economic Development: Marketing Places Training, and Consulting for provincial governments and state owned enterprises across Vietnam;

Business Development: Support new business ideas through coaching, mentoring, seed-funding and accelerating for Startups & SMEs in HCMC and Mekong Delta;

Outsourcing Services: Program Concepts and Production for leading TV channels; Distribution; Merchandising for banking card industries; Money transfer services.

VCG is the co-founder and member of the board of selected major business associations and clubs, including Mekong Delta Tourism Association, HCMC Association of Consultants in Sciences, Technology and Management (HASCON), Saigon Times Club, SME Networking Club, Catholic Business Club, and Fulbright Club. Most importantly, being the co-founder and BOD of HASCON, VCG aims to become one of the top local professional management consulting firms of the country. With partners, consultants, and associates graduated from international institutions, former multi-national corporation senior officers, former government officers, since established, VCG instantly has become one of the key service providers for selected multi-national companies, leading state-owned industries, international institutions, and local governments. In publishing, VCG is also the contributor of the Vietnam Chapter for the Handbook of Markets and Economies of Asia (M.E. Sharpe, New York Publishing House) and the publisher of Mekong Delta Food Specialties and the Culture of Culinary “HUONG VI MIEN TAY” Book Series.


“HUONG VI MIEN TAY”  Book Series


Working closely with Ministry of Trade and Industries of Vietnam on bilateral and multilateral business development, and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce in the local economic development, within three years from establishment, VCG became the most preferred consulting firm for the “Mekong Project Development Facility” (MPDF) managed by International Finance Corporation (IFC); received 3 government awards from the Vietnam Softmart-Techmart; and the CEO was awarded “International Who’s Who of Professional Management” (2003 edition) by having demonstrated exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community.

Since 2015, VCG has been the partner of selected worldwide universities and Chambers of Commerce from North America (USA), Europe (Belgium and France), ASEAN (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, The Philippines), South Korea, and Japan for trade promotions. Nowadays, VCG holds its ownership to three companies within, operating nationwide through five branches in Vietnam’s key cities (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Danang, Nhatrang and Mekong Delta), in three key service packages (consulting, outsourcing, hi-tech agriculture). The company now is expanding to international investment services for Vietnam private sector.



1999 – Established Doan & Associates. Provided consulting & training services for Mekong Project Development Facility (IFC Project), to meet the demand of enhancing the competing capability of public administrative and SME entrepreneurs of Vietnam. Worked with the Fulbright Program (FETP), a cooperation among University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Harvard University. Taught “Marketing Strategy for emerging Markets”. The course was applied by 45 managers of Vietnam’s entrepreneurs, including Saigon Tourist, Saigon Coop, Saigon Cosmetics, PNJ, Kinh Do, Thai Tuan, and Lac Viet. Successfully introduced Marketing Places to the FETP program, produced 12 case studies, translated 5 textbooks about Marketing Places as the basis for the program at FETP.

2000 – Invested in Quoc Ha Electronics and Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (HCMC). Partnership with AMI Information Technology Consulting Company, and STANDAS Software Co., Ltd (Hanoi) to develop IT services and expand operation nationwide. Added on the services of outsourcing and technology transferring to entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Constructed the Vietnam first modern IT system infrastructure for the international giant pharmaceutical company, RhonePoulenc Rorer, Inc. (now Sanofi-Aventis).

Merged Doan & Associates with Quoc Ha and the rest to form Vietnam Consulting Group (VCG) providing management consulting and technology outsourcing services for the both public and private sectors, including key state owned enterprises such as the Vietnam General Rubber Company (GERUCO), Vietnam Bank of Foreign Trade (VIETCOMBANK), Vietnam General Import Export and Internal Trade Company (INTIMEX).


INTIMEX Hanoi Launching Ceremomy

2001 – Conducted market and consumer purchasing behavior researches,strategic retail planning, consulted operations management and launching INTIMEX’s Supermarket, the first modern supermarket chain in Hanoi.

2003 – Received MPDF’s recognition as “Consulting Firm of the Year”, received “Who’s Who Historical Society” International Award (2003 edition), received “Most favor ICT Company of SOFTMART-TECHMART 2003”. Become Vietcombank’s exclusive outsourcing partner of card services. Become German Organization for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and VCCI’s exclusive partner in training and coaching marketing places for the Vietnam Local Economic Development Program 2003-2013.

2005 –  Established wholly own subsidiary, Tai Ngan Marketing & Services Co., Ltd., and established the first non-bank financial company, associated with “BankMart” trademark, to do bank card issuing (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Diners, Union Pay) and acquiring services for local and international banks.

Established the first non-bank for online to offline money transfer services. Become the super agent of remittance organizations (MoneyGram, Paydek, Leader, Unistream, Xpress Money, Lucky Money). Signed sub-agency contracts with major banks to develop the system of remittance payment nationwide.

2007 – Established the TV contents and production services, with “VCG Communications” trademark, to provide concepts and produce TV programs of music, entertainment, and education to major local and national TV channels (HTV, BTV, HanoiTV, DanangTV, and VTV). Become preferred agency of Abbott Labs S.A in media services. Partnership with Genting Group, the Asia largest hospitality corporation to develope worldcard membership and loyalty system, the first merchant card service and solutions in Vietnam. Co-founded the Mekong Delta Tourism Association, SME Networking and Mentoring Club, HCMC Association of Consultants in Sciences, Technology and Management (HASCON). Established joint venture with leading Malaysian companies for distribution of ERP system and hitech home appliances distribution nationwide in Vietnam (VoiIP, airpurified, waterheater, …). Bought Hoang Cau LPG company HCMC for retail channel expansions.

251207-sydney 217

“Thay loi muon noi” – A music program produced by VCG Coms for HTV

2010 – Complete nationwide coverage operation with branches outside HCMC: Hanoi, Danang, Nhatrang, Cantho and selected tourist destinations for all existing businesses. Friendly took over all international joint ventures to maintain growth rates of two digit consistently thru all Vietnam economic turburlences over the decade.

2015 to present – Developing wellness products and services (bio, natural and organic packaged food), by established VAD Corporation to invest in partnership with selected companies from Korean, Japan, Belgium, US, and Singapore.

Estabished startups enabler services including mentoring, coaching, networking, training, and seed funding for IoT, Science of Life innovation startups. Become lead consulting firm for the Mekong Business Initiatives of ADB to conduct strategic planning and budgeting for HCMC People Committee in developing 500,000 new businesses for the 10 year period. Co-founding and outsourcing partner at the Saigon Innovation Hub, managed by Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Developing international investment services for Vietnam private sector and individuals for wealth management. 



UNICEFCorporate Advisory Board, co-founding Member2012 – 2013
“Believe in ZERO” campaign, founded on the belief that no child should ever die from a preventable cause and all children should grow up in a healthy, protective, environment, receive comprehensive education and realize his or her full potential.2013 – 2015
Child Friendly Business in a Child Friendly City”, campaign founded on the belief that corporate must work with the city authorities to ensure a friendly environment for children within its infrastructure and business operations2015 – Present
SAIGON TIMES CLUB / 2030 CLUBCaravan CharityCaravan LibraryGolf Open Tournament2005 – present
CATHOLIC FAMLY BUSINESS CLUB Light Up the Fire of Love2010 – present
TIEN GIANG CLUBFor Tomorrow’s Growth2015 – present