May, 2017 Quản Trị

VCG Communications, a division within VCG, has dedicated its integrated communications services in TV shows (concepts and production), multimedia and interactive presentations, corporate video production, product launches, and PR solutions. VCG has also been well-known for family-oriented education and entertainment TV shows with some top rating programs on major TV channels like below:

  • Powerful IQ 


Format: Game Show (IQ Test)           No. of episodes: 52

Genre: Children’s Edutainment         Running time: 30 minutes

Original Channel: HTV7


  • Home Sweet Home (Gia đình ơi)


Format: Talk show                                                Original run: Oct/2007 – Feb/2009

Original channels: BTV2 and BTV1                  Running time: 30 minutes

No. of episodes: 52


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